Get Free Diapers and Formula


Recently one of the best free diaper coupons has recently ended. The offer I am referring to got you free diapers for a year. All you needed to do was just click the diaper coupon, send your email address and your favorite diaper brand. Parents all over the world would love to save on diapers as they can become very pricey. Even though the offer to get free diapers has ended there is still a way to save on expenses needed to get diapers for your child.

Is there any substitutes that are out there?
As one great diaper coupon has gone another one has taken its place. Baby formula is considered the best substitute for breast milk. There can also be many reasons as to why a mother needs baby formula for their infant. By clicking on the coupon above and filling in your email just as the last offer, you will get $1500 of diapers and formula.

Free Diapers For A Year – Sign Up Now Before It’s Gone Again


If you found your way to this page then you are obviously looking for free diapers, right?  You already realize how much money a family could spend on diapers over the course of a year.  I don’t have to tell you why getting free diapers would be a good thing.  No, this site is more about where to get free diapers, and more importantly how to get free diapers.

Free DiapersFree Diapers – How Does It Work?

No, you can’t make a phone call and have a freighter drop off a pallet of diapers to your door the next day.  But, signing up with this company will enable you to participate in their offers, which in turn enables you to get free diapers.  This company works with advertisers to provide you offers.  Advertisers love it because they know they’ve got your attention, the company loves it because they’re making advertising revenue, and you love it because part of that ad revenue is converted into your free diapers.

You don’t have to pay a dime to sign up, just give them your email address and choose a diaper brand.  Everyone wins!

Now for the bad news.  This offer isn’t always available.  In fact, for the last few months their website was down and they were no longer taking new signups.  If you’re able to sign up now, do it, even if you don’t need diapers yet.  You never know when they’ll stop again.



My favorite diaper deal is back!

After about a six month hiatus the original “free diapers for a year” deal is back.  I won’t get too long winded about it, as I’ve already explained it thoroughly in previous posts.  I will say, I’m very happy it’s back.  This is the deal that made me start this website so that I could tell more people about it.  In short, sign up now, before they stop accepting new accounts again.

No More Free Diapers?

Unfortunately, the company that provided the free diaper offer has ended its run.  It is certainly a shame, because I was a big fan of the offer.  There are other diaper offers out there of course, but I was quite attached to this one.  There could be a silver lining here though.  I’ve long wanted to start my own service to provide free diapers to visitors, this may be a good time to take that desire seriously and try to make it work.

Until then though, consider THIS OFFER.  It works the same way as the free diaper offer did, only this one is for a flat $1500 for diapers and formula.  I haven’t personally used it so I don’t know what obligations you have to fulfill to complete the offer, but if it’s anything like the free diaper offer, it could be well worth it.


Save Money On Diapers – Buy Online

If you don’t want to take advantage of the free diaper programs, you should at least consider saving money by buying diapers online.  There are a lot of websites where you can buy diapers at discounted prices, but I’m going to discuss specifically.  Amazon is the largest online retailer, and for good reason.  They provide great discounts on name brand products, and offer free shipping.  Of course buying diapers online means you have to think ahead a bit so you never run out.  I recommend ordering two packages to start, and then reordering another when the first runs out.  With this method you’ll be sure to never run out of diapers at a bad time.

How much can you save by buying diapers online?

Of course it depends on the diapers you buy, but if you average even just a $5 savings per box, you’re saving at least $10 a month.  So that’s $120 a year, not to mention the gas you save.  And that’s just $5 savings, many diapers can be found for even deeper discounts.

Get Free Diapers – The How And The Why?

So you want to get free diapers but don’t understand how it works?  I’m going to explain it all for you right now.  Let’s start with the how (and where).  SIGN UP HERE to get your free diapers.  I don’t mean free samples either, I’m talking about a year supply of diapers for free.  I know you’re skeptical.  No one’s going to just give away diapers for free.  Which brings us to the why.

Why are companies going to give away diapers for free?

It all boils down to advertising.  Yes, advertising makes the world go ’round.  You will have to participate in certain offers for these companies, and in return you get free stuff, in this case of course, it’s diapers.  So you can’t just enter an email address and have a truck full of diapers show up tomorrow.  But, enter an email address, participate in a few offers, and you’ll get your free diapers.

What do you mean by “offers”?

The offers will vary from person to person.  Completing surveys and participating in free trial memberships are the most popular.  For example one of my offers was to participate in a 30 day free trial for Netflix.  I was thinking of joining anyway, so I figured why not.  I ended up loving the Netflix service and still to do this day have kept my membership.  They win because they created a new customer, I win because I got free diapers.

That is really what it’s all about.  You help them, and they help you.  That’s how all commerce should work I think!

Quick “Shout Out.”  I created this page with the help of my friends website.  Check it out if you’re looking to make your own website.

Take advantage of diaper reward programs, but be wary

I’m not going to mention any store names here, but some stores are advertising free diapers by joining their rewards program.  Basically it works like this, you buy diapers from the store and you earn diaper points.  With enough diaper points you get a few package of diapers.  It’s a great program if you’re going to be buying from that store anyway, but often times the price you pay at that store is more than you’d pay at your local Walmart or Target.  So sure, you may get free diapers, but the price you paid for the rest of them leaves you about even.  If you can find a store that offers a diaper reward program, while actually selling cheap diapers, take full advantage of it.

Official diaper rewards programs are a great thing to take advantage of too.  It’s the same concept, as you buy diapers you earn more and more points, and eventually you can cash these points in for all sorts of free baby stuff.  Combine official reward programs with in store reward programs and you could save a couple hundred bucks a year on diapers.

How to Get Free Diapers

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to get free stuff online.  This is largely because most people don’t understand how it works.  They have heard the age old adage “Nothing is free.” so they think everything claiming so is a scam.  They are right, nothing is free.  The company that’s going to give you free diapers does want something from you, but not your money.

So what do they want from me?

They want your time.  They want your feedback.  They want to show you offers.  Think of it as advertising.  If someone offered you $1 to watch TV for five straight hours, would you do it?  You probably would if you were planning on watching TV anyway.  That’s a free dollar, right?  You both win, you get a dollar, they are assured you’re going to see five hours worth of their advertising.

So if a company were to offer you a year supply of diapers, and in exchange all you had to do was participate in their advertising, wouldn’t it be worth it?  Everyone wins!

What kind of diapers are free?

What diapers do you want?  When you get free diapers they can be Pampers, Huggies, or Luvs.  Name brand diapers for free!  Of course you wouldn’t want to put your baby into some generic brand.  All the money in the world isn’t worth putting your baby at risk.  These are diapers you’re already buying, so you might as well get them for free.

So I get unlimited diapers for a year?

Well no.  Obviously these companies can’t afford to have you handing out diapers to all your friends just because you don’t have to pay for them.  Restrictions will of course apply.  I’m not just talking about fee diaper samples though.  You’ll get a one year supply of diapers for free.

Will I have to enter my credit card?

No credit card required.  Just enter your email address and pick your brand.  It literally takes you ten seconds to sign up.